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Digital applications for small companies with huge ambitions.

A CRM system for your sales department to track the entire client journey from initial step to signing on the dotted line and closing the deal.


Use automation throughout your business to launch your ads on social networks, send email notifications and SMS texts, schedule tasks, and add opportunities.


All client communication channels in a single window. Where the client came from does not matter: web site, social network, messenger or email. It only matters that all client data is fully available in any module.


Create template-based or unique projects based on your needs. Move from one stage to the next ensuring each stage has been completed.


What can you do in a couple of clicks? Create an invoice or quote, record financial flows, access your product catalog, or manage your inventory.



You do not need to be an experienced data analyst to use our detailed analytics for all key parameters.
Trading over the Internet?
Use our toolset to create a flawless trading system.


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