Automated funnel and the best tools for sales and service departments

CRM FreshOffice

CRM FreshOffice

Automated funnel for sales

The quality of the business depends on the quality of client information. Having comprehensive information from different sources at hand, you will be able to make the right decisions and boost your sales

Client base

It is vital to focus on what is important: when the deal was made, invoicing process, should a discount be offered, or if anything is going wrong. Each status is color-coded and has a scenario for automatic actions

Deals monitored from one phase to another

Cut the chat and just do it. Each employee will see only the information that they can see based on their access rights. You will be the master in multitasking, never missing anything important

A well organized to-do list

Get full access to all email inboxes of your employees. You will be able to access the entire history of communication with any client, email templates and a mass mailing service that includes 5,000 free emails

Mail integration and email blasts

There are many automation scenarios for each client base segment. The service is continuously monitoring the database and runs an algorithm according to the work flow you have defined
Setting up IP telephony will not take up a lot of time, and you will be able to connect to any phone provider in your region. Make and receive calls from any FreshOffice application

Built-in phone

Targeting awakening

Between 30% and 40% of your client base are sleepers. We suggest showing custom ads to each target group. Set this up once and forget about it — everything will work automatically
On an incoming message, the system identifies the client: name, communication history, pending invoices, dedicated manager, etc. From the chat, you can easily assign the task to a colleague or invite them into the chat

Integrated chat for sales and service tasks

Specify which data a website visitor can submit, and the system will prompt what to do next. The forms collect data: from where was the visitor redirected prior to registration

Web form builder