Specific numbers instead of vague statements

Analytics FreshOffice

Report builder (Sales Funnel) will help manage the sales department efficiency. Use filters to design multiple reports with different layers. Monitor data graphs when conditions change


You can manage anything provided that you can measure it, which is why all the information in FreshOffice is available for calculations and analysis: number of clients, time span, number of invoices, total amounts paid, closed deals and failed deals

Key indicators

There are many automation scenarios for each client base segment. The service is continuously monitoring the database and runs an algorithm according to the work flow you have defined
End-to-end business analytics allows for building a performance assessment model that is unique for each department or employee. Here, you can leverage all CRM areas with respective quantitative and summary indicators. KPI reports increases motivation in managers


Measuring advertisement ROI in a report: all the profits from the ad investments are summed up, the ad expenses are subtracted, the ROI % is calculated, and insights are provided in regards to the best performing visitor sources that have the best conversion to registrations on the website

Marketing and ROI