Chat without a CRM is a waste of money

Chat FreshOffice

A perfect chat converts conversations into invoices.
That is why you can go to the client profile from the chat in one click, see all client data from the CRM, and create an invoice

The concept

The major benefit of the integrated chat is having all messages from all the sources in one place. This includes website, social media, and messengers. Easy access to the CRM eliminates such unnecessary questions as who is the dedicated manager, what is the order number, etc


The internal and external chats compliment each other. Apart from team discussions, the system notifies you when a client or a task is delegated to you. It also sends invitations to take part in new projects


The chat is integrated into all FreshOffice applications. You can always react to a message from a colleague or a client, even if you are composing an email or are on a CRM phone call at the moment

Access from all applications

There are many automation scenarios for each client base segment. The service is continuously monitoring the database and runs an algorithm according to the work flow you have defined
Appearance certainly makes a difference so we offer a wide color palette. All you have to do is compose a welcome message for your visitors and start working