Corporate email

Stay informed on the manner and content of your employee communication with clients

Stay informed on the manner and content of your employee

The purpose of FreshOffice is not just to pull all inboxes to one place: Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo!, Outlook, IMAP; it also frees your mind from apprehensions and provides a performance boost

Many accounts — single application

You will be able to upload all details of a prospect client as early as you receive an email from them. Integration with external sources will save time and increase the quality of the data that is input into the CRM

Data Import

You will no longer have to keep in mind from which client you received an email. You will know the name of the company and contact person before opening the email. If this is not enough, you can have complete information about the client simply by clicking on the name of their company


Information from all CRM areas. You will see client interactions history, add comments to client profiles, tag importance, assign tasks and do much more

At your fingertips

Managing incoming emails becomes easy. Tagging an email will create an ordered list of Kanban tasks. There are no unrelated items on the board, only things you or your employees need to focus on

Mail Kanban

Define the list of people that can view the emails of their colleagues and reply on their behalf if necessary. The CRM identifies the message originator and the client gets a reply from the manager they already know

Responsible for yourself and others

There are many automation scenarios for each client base segment. The service is continuously monitoring the database and runs an algorithm according to the work flow you have defined
Use unique filters to choose only the necessary contacts based on various criteria from the CRM database for any period of time. No need for integrations, you have everything in place for a successful email blast

Email blasts

An idea: select an email from which you will be getting client requests. A company will be automatically created from the incoming email and a manager will be assigned a task with instructions on what to do next

Lead generation: turn emails into real clients

Create your own unique email style. Build a template for each reply type. Your employees will save time on composing emails while avoiding mistakes, and the client will have no idea that the very detailed email is based on a template

Beauty is in simplicity