Automation FreshOffice

Automates processes and saves resources spent on routine tasks

Individual approach

You can assign a dedicated automation scenario to each client base segment. The application will continuously monitor the CRM to start actions in accordance with the workflow you have designed

Action scenarios

The automation system will assign a manager to the task according to the set scenario, and will change the client and process statuses accordingly. It will send notification in response to a successful payment from a client and will even display social media ads

Digital funnel

All calls, emails and other communication lead to a successful deal. Entrust a part of your work to Automation, and transitions from phase to phase of your work will be unique. A handy assistant to managers, an awe-inspiring experience for clients

Action log

This is an online dashboard with all past, currently running and planned automated actions

Automated ad rotation

Retargeting means targeted ad impressions on social media. Custom ads for each target group, depending on the deal phase, company status, document, project or task